The Thrum Edition

Deep in the heart of Thrum this month you’ll find the heady talents of one of Helena Nelson’s Happenstance Press triumvirate, Niall Campbell (finally alongside Richie McCaffrey and Theresa Muñoz, who appeared in NLP earlier on in their careers) in his short collection for NLP – ‘Thrum’ – which would summon the hive to “rouse/ its … Continue reading

Dances With Birds: About Legs and Wings

NLP is delighted to welcome aboard French writer Géraldine Garcia. Her first article looks at a remarkable dance experiment in Paris which combines human and avian choreography to fascinating effect: I began to go to dance shows with the idea that I would not be disappointed, at least I would know what I didn’t like … Continue reading

An evening in Paris

NLP contributor Allan Massie is in Paris and will be speaking at the American Library tomorrow (wednesday) at 7.30pm.  His subjects will include Vichy France and his new novel Death in Bordeaux.