Steve McQueen’s ‘Shame’: Real Sex in the City

Katy Karpfinger

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We Need To Talk About Kevin

Christopher Smail

Norse Mythology and the B-Movie in ‘Troll Hunter’ (2010)

Christopher Smail

Scandinavian cinema is renowned for maudlin flourishes and gloomy explorations of the human soul – take Ingmar Bergman’s searing miserabalist dramas and family sagas like Persona, The Seventh Seal and Fanny & Alexander….

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Stylish Love: Xavier Dolan’s Les Amours Imaginaires

Christopher Smail

A young man in his early twenties is illuminated against a blue backdrop in a medium length shot. Rows of golden curls the colour of the sun adorn his head and gently fall down past the olive skin and elongated nose of this beautiful man-boy….

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Non-native: the Cane Toad, Kevin Ladynski & Mark Lewis

Nicola Moir

Everyone in Australia has heard the story. The Australian media have a borderline obsession with it. The story is the presence and spread of the cane toad across the Australian continent.  In 1935, the cane toad was introduced from….

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Blood of a Poet: spectator as spiritualist

Review: Katy Karpfinger

I have often wondered why it seems to be easier to let go of a search for coherent meaning and narrative with visual art and with music than with literature and film. With the former, I seem more able to relax into purely experiencing something moment by moment; to leave behind notions of what I expect to happen and to let the content take me by surprise….

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Berlusconi gets bitten

Review: Géraldine García, Videologue: Willie Giles
The movie Draquila, Italia che trema was impatiently expected in Cannes festival in May 2010. Quite rightly. Sabina Guzzanti, the moviemaker  has made a film that everyone interested in Italian politics should see. Sabina used to have a show on RAI, the Italian state-owned broadcaster, until she was fired (had the Consiglierre taken umbrage at her sardonic talent?) It is no secret that freedom of speech has suffered a lot those past ten years in Italy. Since then, fighting to express herself, Guzzanti has given us some pearls of independent cinema such as Viva Zapatero! and Sympathy for the Lobster…

Gegen die Wand

Review: Katy Karpfinger
The characters and story in Fatih Akin’s 2004 film “Gegen die Wand” or “Head-on”, have a certain resonance for any stranger in a  strange land. For these characters though, there is no choice; they are second generation Turkish immigrants living in Germany. They are adrift between two cultures; they inhabit the chaotic gap between West and East….

In search of perfection: Terrence Malick’s Days of Heaven

Review: Katy Karpfinger

Capturing the perfect image on film is at the same time a moment’s work and a painstaking task taking much planning and patience. The light has to be just right, the location of the camera has to be carefully selected, the camera precisely set up. This is true of both the still and the moving image and yet I have seen few films in which the photographic quality is so clear as in Terrence Malick’s Days of Heaven. Press pause on the DVD player at almost any moment and there you have a perfect image; beautiful, meaningful, perfectly lit…

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Emotional Literacy: Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage

Review: Katy Karpfinger

My mother-in-law recently added another to a long list of complaints she has about her son; he reads too much. “It smacks of a desire to escape from reality” she said. We shrugged it off and later laughed about it but she got me thinking. Since my husband and I are both avid consumers of fiction and, when we are not reading, spend our precious sofa time watching many, many films, I began wondering whether perhaps she could be right. Are we filling our lives with stories to avoid living real life? For what one can apply to novels one could also apply to film. But then I thought again and realized that, as usual, she was speaking utter tosh. My thoughts turned to Ingmar Bergman, a man for whom the lines between fiction/fantasy and reality have always been blurred, and whose magnificent TV series Scenes From a Marriage we had recently watched.

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