The Thrum Edition

Deep in the heart of Thrum this month you’ll find the heady talents of one of Helena Nelson’s Happenstance Press triumvirate, Niall Campbell (finally alongside Richie McCaffrey and Theresa Muñoz, who appeared in NLP earlier on in their careers) in his short collection for NLP – ‘Thrum’ – which would summon the hive to “rouse/ its … Continue reading

The Tresspass Edition

Nothing as bombastic as Frank O’ Hara’s manifesto for Personism, but with a soft-hued version of his sentiment: “I’m not saying that I don’t have practically the most lofty ideas of anyone… but what difference does that make? They’re just ideas. The only good thing about it is that when I get lofty enough I’ve … Continue reading

The Ghost Edition

In NLP’s winter edition, we have found a league of spectres to accompany you amongst the silent shifting of the snowflakes. Don Paterson and Alison Watt’s recent collaboration at the Ingleby Gallery, where Watt’s artwork was accompanied by Paterson’s succinct verse, allowed Paterson to release the ghosts from Watt’s mesmerising pieces. In an attempt to … Continue reading

Flamingos and architecture

Pink birds in the Carmargue and scheming architects in Uppsala, what more could you hope for on a wednesday afternoon? in Operation Carmargue, JPM Justice takes his camera down to Arles and the marshy hinterland of the Carmargue to record the famous flamingos and admire the classically influenced graffiti. Part Two of The Keystone, Chris … Continue reading

Animal Talk

“The first was a hare,” he began, in what felt like a parable of migration and separation, making listeners imagine the scene by opening its metaphorical nature. Images of startled runners, a chased animal, an unseen traveller crossing the border led me to muse upon  the residue of hare images: ancient Zhou bronzes, Durer’s drawing, … Continue reading

Dances With Birds: About Legs and Wings

NLP is delighted to welcome aboard French writer Géraldine Garcia. Her first article looks at a remarkable dance experiment in Paris which combines human and avian choreography to fascinating effect: I began to go to dance shows with the idea that I would not be disappointed, at least I would know what I didn’t like … Continue reading

Chris Powici

When it comes to the after-life I’ll settle for the Calmac terminal on a spit of Hebridean rock after the ferry has sailed. A lobster boat tugs at its rope and beyond the pier a gannet rises from the low swell into the cold cradling waves and quick air… The award winning poet and writer … Continue reading