Urban Alphabet

Ayesha Malik

Photography’s flair for influencing emotion and memory can reach far beyond our own faded family photos, into other perspectives and a sense of shared experience.

I have a background in sculpture where I explored the divisions of 2D and 3D, this became my introduction to photography.
Eventually photographs became more important and rewarding than the other mediums and became my main practice. Composition also took precedent over subject matter, which has been a little problematic at times. (In order to define what my work is about, I cannot simply deny the role of the subject in favour of formal arrangement).

Drawing, printmaking, and cut outs are also processes that inform me and engage me beyond the reach of the lens.

The work shown here is taken from two separate projects, and is part of an ongoing concern with urban spaces. Architecture, one of the recurring aspects of my work, is an area in which to explore human relationships within the constructed spaces that we live.

Inside the Outskirts II

Red Socks

La Playa

Two O’clock Tourist

Inside the Outskirts I

Yellow Signage

Transit Terracotta

Banana Flats

20 Shadows

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