Jack Little: Globes

Leap from space

What Felix Saw
The speed of sound echoes

a reverberation        comets

dust       in

                 the universe

Beneath your space suit, Felix

                            the Earth

mach did not detach your retinas

                          you, God on hardsoil, insatiable Icarus

You touched heavens

The day a man fell from the sky
                                                 and knew all could never be the same again
                           beyond darkness, out of reach of each and every one of us Let it 

all begin again,                                                  the search for a new hero.


children, do you see this fine globe
with lands of mountain textures
that spin on rotating axis,
seas swirling currents round?

                i know it

that when you are old, and school is just a dream
                the spinning,
                the crossing of country borders
                                and the hot dust of Timbuktu

[acrobatics of imagination today]

will give you the nourishment

                I wasn’t able to in today’s class.

Jack Little (born 1987) is a Geordie poet, translator and editor based
in Mexico City. Jack is the founder of The Ofi Press which publishes
international poetry each month and organises regular cultural events
in Mexico's Federal District. His poems have been published in several
magazines including 3:AM Magazine, Scissors and Spackle and most
recently in Bakwa Magazine (Cameroon). He also has forthcoming work in
Wasafiri and Ink, Sweat and Tears. In March 2012, Jack read at the
Linares Literary Festival in Northern Mexico. Jack also manages the
national cricket team of Mexico.

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