Hong Kong: Transformation

Nicola Moir

A visual record of the Hong Kong Central Police Station before the transformation

Nestled amongst the dense urban fabric of Central District in Hong Kong are the decommissioned Central Police Station, Central Magistracy and Victoria Prison.  The buildings have stood empty since 2005 and their transition of use has been passionately debated within the public forum.  This is largely due to Hong Kong’s belated focus on conservation and that the buildings are one of the last architectural reminders of the colonial heritage of the area.

The challenge of the development is being led by The Hong Kong Club Jockey Club Charities Trust and designed by the collaboration between Herzog & de Meuron, Purcell Miller Tritton and Rocco Design Architects.  The outcome of this is the transformation of the space into a centre of heritage, arts and leisure with a significant emphasis on public space and connection to the rest of the city. Optimistically, it seems the space has been turned inside out from an oppressive, antisocial space to a space of community and enlightenment. These photos capture a space in limbo between these two worlds.

Transformation in Hong Kong… 

Nicola Moir is a regular contributor to NLP. She is an artist based in Sydney with roots in Hong Kong. This electrifying photodiary sees Nicola reveal the pre-transformation site of the decommissioned Central Police Station, Central Magistracy and Victoria Prison in Hong Kong for the first time, rather a coup for NLP. See Nicola’s work here.

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