Martin Hall: Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary was our entry into the Smoke and Mirrors 48 short film competition. Shot last October over a weekend, it follows a dejected man who sits alone waiting for his wife on that special time in the romance cycle. As he stares into the bottom of his glass he receives a drink from a bombshell sitting in the corner of the bar. Dare he cheat on his wife? Like all weak men, he takes the invitation and embarks on a night he won’t forget in a hurry.


The film stars Bernie Hodges, who has a great Tony Hancock style hangdog expression and the ever seductive Carmen Gabriele; two fantastic Bristol based performers. We had a great time making it and were shortlisted in the top five.
We were very fortunate with this competition as Marcus O’Toole, who wrote the script came up with this idea to suit the actors. When the theme of the competition came through, and it read: cheat, we did an unbecoming air punch and did a few tweaks to make sure the theme was made explicit in the film.


I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it!


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