NLP: Microsessions Review/ August 2011

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Delaina Haslam

August 2011: New Linear Perspectives curated a night of art, film, poetry & art at Embo Deli in Edinburgh. Here is writer & photographer Delaina Haslam’s photo-review of the event, which included NLP regulars Michael Pedersen & Emily Wolahan, film-makers Alan Fentiman & Luis Jara, artists Stu McMorris & Claudia Massie (Massie by soundfile-link), house reimaginist Delaina Haslam, house band Caro Fentiman & Nick Reavill and tipsy compere, NLP editor Andrew F. Giles.

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  1. […] gallery by Delaina Haslam from the shower of words, art, film and more that was New Linear Perspective’s festival microsession at Embo cafe. #GR5‘s Stuart McMorris and Claudia Massie gave their response, after beefy […]

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