The Thrum Edition

Deep in the heart of Thrum this month you’ll find the heady talents of one of Helena Nelson’s Happenstance Press triumvirate, Niall Campbell (finally alongside Richie McCaffrey and Theresa Muñoz, who appeared in NLP earlier on in their careers) in his short collection for NLP – ‘Thrum’ – which would summon the hive to “rouse/ its … Continue reading

The From the Ruins Edition

In 1995, singer Natalie Merchant released her song ‘San Andreas Fault’, in which the tectonic plates under San Francisco took on a sinister, human aspect, “mov[ing their] fingers/ through the ground” – a reference, perhaps, to the huge 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, or others since. In Merchant’s song, the fault-line of the past and … Continue reading

Andrew Mackenzie: Still Surfacing

In many ways, although I am painting some recognizable landscape forms, such as trees, I see the work as abstract – aseries of interweaving patterns, lines of different weights and rhythms, dots, negative spaces, balance between subject and ground… The multi-award winning artist Andrew Mackenzie, one of Scotland’s finest and most interesting painters, talks exclusively to … Continue reading

Emma Wesley Interview

Emma Wesley is one of Britain’s foremost young portrait painters. She has won numerous awards for her work and is a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Her commissions include Oxbridge professors, Johnson Beharry VC and the then Lord Chancellor, Jack Straw. Claudia Massie tracks her down for an exclusive interview for NLP. Continue reading….

An Encounter With the Maestro

In the early Seventies Giorgio di Chirico used to come most days at noon to the Caffe Greco in the Via Condotti in Rome. He was a very old man (born 1888) and he dressed in a dark suit. He looked like a senator and the waiters greeted him as “maestro”. It was a long time since he had painted … Continue reading

Painting the word

There was a good piece in the Observer at the weekend about an interesting art project running in Philadelphia right now where graffiti artists have been allowed to paint a series a grand murals on neglected facades and rooftops. This is no free for all however, it’s been carefully choreographed by the Mural Arts Program … Continue reading