Third Anniversary Edition III: Saint

Andrew F Giles reviews Michael Pedersen’s ‘Play With Me’ Pétronille: new cartoons by Arabella Langlands-Perry Rodger Evans on speech and speeches New poetry from Chelsea Cargill

The Empathy Machine

Mark Cousins: The Interview Alastair Cook: The In-Between Christopher Smail on Tarantino’s Django Unchained Tracey S Rosenberg: Last Will & Testament

The Parable Edition

  Gay Elder (& Huffington Post contributor) Malcolm Boyd reviews Hollywood rebel Michael Kearns‘ autobiography The Truth Is Bad Enough: What Became of the Happy Hustler? Claudia Massie interviews plein air artist and teacher Marc Dalessio. Andrew McCallum shares his wistful parables as poems and a short story.

The Werk Edition

Delaina Haslam, who recently delighted conceptual poet Kenneth Goldsmith with her piece about him in NLP (his new book, Uncreative Writing, is reviewed here in the TLS), takes on another avant-garde giant, sound poet Jaap Blonk. NLP is delighted to be working with Haslam again: she is an endlessly searching writer, and allows NLP to … Continue reading

The Signs Edition

With an umm-ing and err-ing word-for-word ‘conceptual’ interview technique, the writer with the misheard name Delaina Haslam dances about the page with prophet of conceptual poetry Kenneth Goldsmith, discussing some of his work and his recent brush with the Obamas at the White House. Goldsmith reveals his desire to buy a kilt in London, fly to … Continue reading

New poetry; Patti Smith; Israeli dance

For our first post of 2011, NLP delves into the interstices of culture to deliver an eclectic array of new writing and review.  Editor-at-large Zoë Green watched rock legend Patti Smith in an in-depth interview with Geoff Dyer. This event was also observed by our lucky competition winner, Will Peach. Read Zoë’s review of this Intelligence Squared … Continue reading

Patti Smith Competition

2011 is a big year for NLP. With a slew of talks and readings across Scotland in the summer months to coincide with our first ‘hard copy’ magazine, we are starting the year with a bang by running a competition to win tickets to see Patti Smith in London. Patti Smith will be talking about … Continue reading

The strange case of the book shop improving?

What’s going on at Waterstones? Britain’s premier book chain has been a reliable destination in recent years for anyone wishing to wallow in the miseries of modern publishing and bookselling practices. It’s been all big bucks window displays and bullshit ‘staff recommendations’ alongside the depressing slew of three for two offers on books you don’t want … Continue reading

Painting the word

There was a good piece in the Observer at the weekend about an interesting art project running in Philadelphia right now where graffiti artists have been allowed to paint a series a grand murals on neglected facades and rooftops. This is no free for all however, it’s been carefully choreographed by the Mural Arts Program … Continue reading

In the beginning…

Reflective perspective © C. Massie What the world needs now of course is a new kid on the blog block and so here it is: New Linear Perspectives, a Collectivized Blog and magazine from a loose group of artists, writers, poets and wandering minds around the globe.