The Borders Edition

This month Magda Healey poses some fascinating questions at the site of the Apollo at Bassae, as she explores the borders of time and our reaction to them. She is puzzled by the Ephorate of Antiques’ attitude towards ‘restoration’; indeed, she wonders quite what restoration is, which in turn allows her to question the limits … Continue reading

The From the Ruins Edition

In 1995, singer Natalie Merchant released her song ‘San Andreas Fault’, in which the tectonic plates under San Francisco took on a sinister, human aspect, “mov[ing their] fingers/ through the ground” – a reference, perhaps, to the huge 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, or others since. In Merchant’s song, the fault-line of the past and … Continue reading

The subversion edition

  With the ‘disappearance’ of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei now headline news, NLP thought it timely to revisit Allan Harkness’ in-depth appraisal of Zhou Chunya and his fellow Chengdu artists, who, grappling “the thought of Chinese painting faced with the end of modernity”, produce a “a genuinely critical art, a restless art, one openly enquiring … Continue reading

Flamingos and architecture

Pink birds in the Carmargue and scheming architects in Uppsala, what more could you hope for on a wednesday afternoon? in Operation Carmargue, JPM Justice takes his camera down to Arles and the marshy hinterland of the Carmargue to record the famous flamingos and admire the classically influenced graffiti. Part Two of The Keystone, Chris … Continue reading

The Keystone

The Keystone is a brand new architecture comic by celebrated US artist and printmaker Chris Pritchett. The story is set in the Swedish city of Uppsala follows the adventures of an ambitious architect with designs on the city. It will be published in consecutive installments. Part One…