The Punctum Edition

“I will always listen to outsiders. They have a lot to give”, says Sally Evans in her
interview for this month’s Punctum Edition. Sally is the quiet radical of Scottish poetry, evident in her deep and abiding love of books at Kings Bookshop in Callendar (along with husband and fellow poet Ian W King), her editorship of Poetry Scotland and the years she has spent supporting and promoting the scene. In this in-depth interview with NLP, Sally lays out her beliefs, gives an insight into the workings of her poetry, and makes some fascinating commentary about the nature of poetry and poets. Sally’s attitude towards the world of words is both an education and an inspiration. NLP’s film critic Christopher Smail takes a weird and monstrous ride through the Norwegian wastelands in his review of 2010 film Troll Hunters. He muses on the role of the B-movie in the modern cinematic experience and the notion of fairytale, CGI-style, with his usual humorous aplomb. Finally, NLP editor Andrew F Giles explores Robert Capa’s photograph Death of a Militiman (1936) through the ghostly lens as seen by Roland Barthes, Walter Benjamin and John Berger; the
questions Susan Sontag’s always controversial take on violence in the photographic image and wonders if she wasn’t stuck in “her academic detachment from the subject” and in fact betrayed “something more like a subconscious abstraction that heralds the Spectator’s ‘infinitesimal films’ unravelling”.

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