The Signs Edition

With an umm-ing and err-ing word-for-word ‘conceptual’ interview technique, the writer with the misheard name Delaina Haslam dances about the page with prophet of conceptual poetry Kenneth Goldsmith, discussing some of his work and his recent brush with the Obamas at the White House. Goldsmith reveals his desire to buy a kilt in London, fly to China and have it copied ten times because “it’s the perfect place to go for-for, err, my, you know — a plagiarist in China is, will be welcomed with open arms.” Goldsmith reveals himself to be a fascinating and humorous subject in this exclusive interview. NLP’s visual arts editor Claudia Massie takes us on a mesmerising photographic  journey through rural Perthshire in ‘Farm Signs’. Her stormy, brooding take on the strange words that map our countryside is reflective of her deep, dark watercolours and functions as a gateway into our fading linguistic present and palimpsestuous linguistic past. Finally, our Parisian correspondent Géraldine Garcia spoke to photographer Laura Mate about her recent photography project based in Beijing that explores the constantly changing role of women in Chinese society, read it here. Kenneth Goldsmith is off-camera with a brace of kilts.

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