The in-between Edition

In this month’s edition NLP welcomes two poets from the US, legendary artist-activist Michael Kearns, and poet & college professor Howie Good. Michael is also (famously) an actor and his work for NLP expresses his stagework through a triptych of poems; in a wider sense the Kearns triptych is a political piece that examines the experiences of HIV-positive people, and creates a memorial for the many fine artists, poets & writers who have been lost to AIDS – arguably lost in a kind of interstitial space and not always recognised by wider society. Howie Good controversially examines another fine artist lost to the ether – Edgar Allan Poe. Poe’s relationship with his underage wife has often been a point of contention with scholars and readers, but Good gives us an understated study that is mystical and toys with time as a construct, when “Everything yearned toward everything else”, in a way that adheres to Poe’s legacy and settles itself in the ‘in-between’ temporal, literary & cultural space from which the edition takes as its title. Finally NLP is delighted to welcome back Nicola Moir. Nicola is a Hong-Kong born artist based in Australia who goes in-depth with NLP’s visual arts editor Claudia Massie, herself a highly successful artist, in a fascinating interview which takes in Nicola’s recent works on the ‘in-between’ spaces of Sydney’s suburbs, in part inspired by the psychogeographical musings of Will Self, made popular in the 1950s by Guy Debord.

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