The Universe Edition

According to Buzz, the character in Kathleen Rocksavage’s new short story for NLP, each person “inhabits a universe that most resembles a celestial book that writes its own stories”.  In her second short collection of poetry for NLP, prize-winning poet Alice Willington continues to explore this solitary and imperfect sphere – as the poet reveals, the observer has “been sitting here so long/ the lights discern no life”. However, situated within this strange, seemingly lifeless reality, Willington’s collection includes a whispered paean to Carsaig, evoking hope and “the eternal return// of echoes to the waves.” Newcomer to NLP photographer Natalie Muallem reveals a different universe at night-time through the cameras lens, reconsidering the day-time experience of sun and sand to reveal a dark, hypnotic place of robots, strange towering shapes and coagulated light, in her photo-series ‘Beach‘. Finally NLP is pleased to welcome another newcomer, Kathleen Rocksavage, who presents the first measured literary critique of recent inescapable royal events, the all-conquering, all singing, all dancing marriage of William of Wales and Catherine Middleton, in her short story ‘Neophyte’, with more than a nod to George Eliot.
Take a look at the recent review of NLP by Sabotage: Reviews of the Ephemeral.

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