The subversion edition

With the ‘disappearance’ of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei now headline news, NLP thought it timely to revisit Allan Harkness’ in-depth appraisal of Zhou Chunya and his fellow Chengdu artists, who, grappling “the thought of Chinese painting faced with the end of modernity”, produce a “a genuinely critical art, a restless art, one openly enquiring in all directions from a base in friendship, mutual support and collaborative effort” in Chengdu Artists Part II. This seems an interesting counternarrative to the heavy-handed attitude China seems to show towards their great, subversive artistic champions such as Weiwei. Another angle on subversion is revealed in the latest chapters of Chris Pritchett’s graphic tale, The Keystone, which approaches architecture from a dark-tinted viewpoint and evokes a brand new, exciting netherworld for this discipline – Pritchett’s drawing is quite mesmerising as we proceed with long-awaited Parts III and IV. Finally, NLP is pleased to introduce Andrew McCallum Crawford into its ever-growing fold of talented Scottish writers. His short stories ‘Mac & Wills’ and ‘Yin Eye’ are subversive in their own way, short, sharp snapshots of relationships and macabre goings-on that are at once menacing and human.


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