Steven Severin on Cocteau: the interview; Emily Wolahan: new poetry; Berlusconi gets bitten: pontifications & protest.

To paraphrase Ruth Gordon, octogenarian star of seminal 1973 film Harold & Maude, and with exactly the same sentiment, New Linear Perspectives greets the dawn of a new March with a breath of fire – HUH! This edition sees NLP editor Andrew F Giles travel to the central European city of Bratislava to interview co-founder of Siouxsie & the Banshees, Edinburgh-based Steven Severin, to discuss his latest re-imagined film score. Severin is on a world tour performing his ambient electronica update of Georges Auric’s score for Jean Cocteau’s proto-surrealist 1930 film Blood of a Poet, and granted NLP an interview, read here. NLP’s head film critic Katy Karpfinger continues her film series by examining Blood of a Poet in depth, the first film Cocteau ever made. European correspondent Géraldine Garcia reviews Draquila, a damning cinematic indictment of Silvio Berlusconi from 2010, accompanied by our own political troubadour and his heartfelt re-telling of grass-roots Italian protest song Bella Ciao recently sung by the thousands of protesting women during last month’s Giorno delle Donne in Italy – click here. Finally, NLP is very proud to introduce a new poet to its already burgeoning stable of excellent Scottish and international talent. North American Emily Wolahan’s deeply intellectual work focuses on an interpretation of the fine arts with a finely tuned appreciation of the limitations and vagaries of the human spirit. Read her poetry hereNLP is delighted to have her on board. This is our most daring and accomplished foray into the arts scene yet – a literary, political, musical, poetic breath of fire!

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