New poetry; Chengdu painters; Gegen die Wand

With a slew of submissions over the past couple of weeks, and a projected micropoetry night in Edinburgh next month, NLP has been happily busy. This post brings together film, art and poetry from far-flung corners of the planet to fit our focus on the global here in Scotland. Our film critic Katy Karpfinger takes a look at Gegen die Wand, Fatih Akin’s 2004 film, and discusses the fractured way second generation Turkish immigrants in Germany confront love; Karpfinger’s indomitable style, as always, gets to the Herz of the matter. Selkirk-based owner of the Forest Bookstore, Allan Harkness, interviews four painters from Chengdu’s Blue House Studios, examining especially the studio as space and cultural phenomenon with reference to these four artists, considering “the studio as the laboratory of material production and thinking space combined.” Finally, local Scottish poet Michael Pedersen, already an important name on the poetry scene and involved with many spoken word events, writes lyrical poetry with a deep sense of flow and a remarkable dictionary of images, that NLP is a great fan of – we hope you are too.

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