(Re)history: the border-lands

This month, we have heard from two British writers, Pat Neil and Allan Massie, discussing two sites that retain traces of reality and metaphor; that are removed from us by history and made close by memory – Massie on di

1970s Rome

Chirico’s Rome, and Neil on Franco’s Madrid. These sites remain real – the cities exist. Although it is hard to say if they exist as Massie and Neil perceive them, if they ever did, or if they only ever have. Thus, they also are imbued with heavy symbolism and metaphor, through our understanding of history (Neil’s ‘stranger in a strange land’ storyboard, Massie’s art-as-social-historian motif) that recreate and reconstruct our understanding of place and memory…Continue reading…

Andrew Faraday Giles looks at interpretations of history and, because we like to keep things in the family, uses two of this month’s NLP contributions in the construction of his arguments.

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